Package audit on *BSD/Linux

This page provides methods for auditing package vulnerabilities on *BSD/Linux.

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Package auditing methods

ports on FreeBSD

In FreeBSD operating system, packages are managed under ports system. The auditing command on ports is portaudit (at ports-mgmt/portaudit in the ports-tree).

pkgsrc on NetBSD

In NetBSD operating system, packages are managed under pkgsrc system. We note that the pkgsrc system can be used in other operating systems. The auditing command on pkgsrc is audit-packages, which is installed by default in recent version of NetBSD otherwise available by installing pkgtools/pkg_install in pkgsrc-tree.

emerge on Gentoo Linux

In Gentoo Linux, packages are managed under emerge. The auditing command on the emerge package management system, is glsa-check, which is available by installing app-portage/gentoolkit.

MacPorts on Mac OS X

In Mac OS X, packages can be managed under MacPorts, which is one of third-party applications. You can check the installed and outdated packages with an option outdated as follows.

apt on Debian/Ubuntu Linux

In Debian-family Linux (including Ubuntu), packages are managed under apt (dpkg). The outdated packages can be found by apt-get command on the apt package management system.