Firmware Upgrade of Cisco Aironet Series

This page describes how to upgrade the firmware of Cisco Aironet (wireless access point) series.

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Firmware upgrade in Cisco Aironet series

Retrieve new firmware

Please download new version of firmware from Cisco's support page.

Upgrade firmware

The firmware should be uploaded online such as HTTP server or TFTP server. The firmware can be upgraded by the following command.

# archive download-sw /overwrite

Note that the option /overwrite denotes current firmware would be overwritten by new firmware, i.e., current (old) firmware would be deleted. This option can be omitted but access points sometimes have small storage, so this option is required when storage shortage occurs. You can also use TFTP by replacing http to tftp. The IP address is just an example, so please replace it to your server's IP address. Moreover, please replace the filename c1XXX-xxxx.tar to the path where you put new firmware.

Apply the upgrade

After the upgrade, you should reboot the access point by reload command.