ImageMagick tips

This page provides some tips on ImageMagick, which is a free software suite for the creation, modification and display of bitmap images.

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ImageMagick tips

Convert RAW photo files to other formats, e.g., JPEG

ImageMagick supports the RAW file format, such as Nikon Electronic Format (NEF), but it requires an additional software, ufraw (Unidentified Flying Raw), to enable the RAW file support. After ufraw has been installed, you can convert raw files to other format files, for example by the following command as usual.

$ convert source.nef destination.jpg

Strip EXIF data when converting

Digital cameras typically add EXIF data to their JPEG files; some digital cameras or smart phones such as iPhone may add privacy information such as GPS information as one of EXIF. ImageMagick can strip these EXIF data from JPEG files when converting them with the -strip option. The following command is an example to convert source.jpg to destination.jpg without EXIF data.

$ convert -strip source.jpg destination.jpg