VMware ESX/ESXi CLI Tips

VMware ESX/ESXi has a command line interface as well as vSphere Client to operate the hypervisor and guest machines. This page provides tips of the commands.

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Enabling SSH Login on VMware ESXi

The VMware ESXi version 4.1 has started to support SSH login, and you can enable SSH server on the hypervisor. Versions lower than 4.1 do not support SSH login but you can enable it with unsupported command; please search the keywords "VMware ESXi unsupported" by yourself for greater detail.

Launching SSH server from vSphere Client (Step 1)

To launch the SSH server from vSphere Client, please enter to "Configuration" and then edit the "Security Profile" as shown in Fig. 1.

Launching SSH server from vSphere Client (Step 2)

Thus, you can run the SSH server via "Services Properties" as shown in Fig. 2.

Command Tips

After launching the SSH server, you can login to the VMware ESX/ESXi hypervisor. Here we provide useful command examples that can be executed from a command line shell (ash).

Getting Virtual Machine Status

Handling Virtual Machine Power Status