Javascript Key Code List for Key Events

This page summarizes the key code list of key events (i.e., onKeyDown, onKeyUp, onKeyPress). The other key codes and properties will be added later...

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Key code list

Backspace8 Tab9 Enter/Return13
Shift16 Ctrl17 Alt18
CapsLock20 Esc27 Space32
Page up33 Page down34 End35
Home36 Left37 Up38
Right39 Down40 Delete46
048 149 250
351 452 553
654 755 856
957 A/a65 B/b66
C/c67 D/d68 E/e69
F/f70 G/g71 H/h72
I/i73 J/j74 K/k75
L/l76 M/m77 N/n78
O/o79 P/p80 Q/q81
R/r82 S/s83 T/t84
U/u85 V/v86 W/w87
X/x88 Y/y89 Z/z90

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